A Pipe Dream Becomes Reality

Anyone who knows me, probably knows that I have the business sense of a musician. Because I AM one.

Like a lot of artists, I left arts school with a healthy amount of cocky self confidence, but absolutely no clues about how to make a career.

I’m sure most people are surprised and a bit sceptical when I tell them I’ve built a theatre, but when they meet Miao, they go “Aahh” and everything makes sense. She’s clearly the clever one.

Craig Bryant speaking @ the MC Showroom Grand Opening
31st March, 2017

I started my music career as a trumpet player, and performed a lot of the classic theatre repertoire from the orchestra pits. I have to admit that I miss those days. The after-show buzz, the bonds and friendships you make with the whole cast and crew, and that energy kick you get from the final applause.

When I turned to music composition, that live music side of my career pretty much ended and I only occasionally enjoyed a vague sense of that buzz if I had an opportunity to watch someone performing my compositions, or hearing a jingle I’ve written on TV.

So amongst many other things, I see the MC Showroom as a way I can step back into the world of live entertainment once more.

My new production suite is just behind the theatre. So in addition to fulfilling my usual production work, I can also connect to the theatre and record live performances, and provide my services to any projects that happen in here.

Long before Miao and I stumbled over this venue, I’d had a pipe dream, of running a hub for creatives. Somewhere for them to come and develop and flesh out their ideas or showcase their work on a decent platform. I didn’t know what shape it would take, and it wasn’t really until this place began to materialise, that I realised it could be it!

So it’s our hope that not only can this venue be a fresh alternative for seasoned performers, it can also be a nursery for new shows, and a platform for new performers to learn their craft.