About Us


The MC Showroom

The MC Showroom is a cosy performance venue in the heart of Prahran and the popular Chapel Street precinct. With a smart layout and well-equipped facilities, it has numerous possible uses, be it creative workshops, drama classes, rehearsals, auditions, to name a few. The MC Showroom was co-created by Melbourne music producer Craig Bryant and multi-cultural communication expert, Mangmang Miao through their passion to offer both an accessible and high quality creative space for local talent. Their ultimate vision is to help launch successful creative productions with an affordable platform that encompasses the entire production process, in conjunction with the studios of Paxus Productions under the same roof.

Miao Mangmang

Miao brings 17 years of international communication and
marketing experience to the table, and in recent years has
led APAC marketing teams for multi-national companies.
Her bi-lingual skills have also made The MC Showroom accessible to the Chinese community both here and abroad.

Miao Mangmang
Craig Bryant

Paxus Music Production Suite

Craig Bryant

Craig is known primarily for his music work in film, TV and musical theatre. He has composed and produced many projects for major companies around the world including: Sesame Street, Warner Bros and Disney.



   Paxus Productions

Originating as a music and sound production studio, and headed by Australian composer and producer Craig Bryant, Paxus Productions offers music development, recording services for artists of all kinds. Now connected directly to the MC Showroom, Paxus can record live performances directly.

On top of that, with the recent addition of a film studio with green screen and cyclorama, Paxus now adds a visual media component to the available services.