Flexi-Share – FAQ

What is “Flexi-Share”?

We are dedicated to providing a quality, affordable platform for performers and producers. One of the ways we do this is to provide an alternative to the standard venue hire options.

If your production meets certain criteria, we will offer the option to share the venue with another hirer for a specific date or dates at a reduced cost. We, as the venue owner would endeavour to match you with the most appropriate sharer, to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

If we do not book a second hirer, then you are provided with full access for half a day (refer to our rate card for time slots).

If we do book a second hirer, then you are provided with access for the full day (coordinating your venue use with the other hirer)

If you wish to guarantee exclusive use, or your production does not meet the Flexi-Share criteria, then standard lock-out rates would apply.


What is the criteria to qualify for our “Flexi-Share” rate?

  • You must be willing to be flexible with your use of the facilities, show start times, rehearsals, use of the light and sound facilities, tech runs, bump in and bump out.
  • Your show must not exceed 1.5 hrs.
  • Your stage dressing/set must be portable enough to set up and remove quickly.


Benefits of “Flexi-Share”

  • Lower hire costs
    • Significantly lower hire rates, and potentially share the costs of tech and FOH with another production.
  • Cross-promotion possibilities
    • Explore the possibilities of collaborating on your promotion and marketing with another production team, Offer special prices or incentives for double bill tickets.
  • Great for networking
    • Meet other like-minded producers and performers, and expand your network.
  • Have full day access
    • Take full advantage of the hire period by using the additional time for sitz probe, rehearsals or meetings.