In Like Flynn – The Musical

In Like Flynn is a new Australian musical written by Geraldine Paterson, music co-composed by Craig Bryant and Mezz Coleman. A concert version of the musical was first staged as part of the Gold Coast Arts Centre’s “Next Stage” program. The show was so well received, the production team is now bringing it to Melbourne as an industry showcase.

In Like Flynn was created as a feature length musical about John Flynn, who founded the Flying Doctor in Australia in 1927. It explores the conflict between a young visionary bringing change, and a conservative establishment wanting to cling to the status quo in a time of many unknowns. The stakes are high as individual lives and whole communities hang in the balance between life and death. Every decision matters. What is it going to cost the padre to see his vision become reality? Will the woman he loves wait for him as he pursues his dream?

Join us at The MC Showroom and find out for yourself.

In Like Flynn, The Musical