Press Release: The Opening of a 3-in-1 Creative Hub at Chapel St Precinct Vows to Springboard Artists’ Success

Announcement released on the 31st, March 2017:

A new creative hub featuring a multi-functional theatre space, a digital music studio and a multi-media film studio, today announced its official launch in the heart of the Chapel St precinct, home to a vibrant culture and business community.

Just one block away from the Prahran Town hall, this establishment prides itself on its prime location and its ability to provide an one-stop shop for creative producers of all sorts:

The MC Showroom, with a capacity of up to 100 people, is a smartly designed theatre space where the audience seating and stage areas are interchangeable to accomodate a large variety of performance requirements. It is suitable for live performances, rehearsals, workshops and presentations.

The other half of this facility is the new home to Paxus Productions, owned and run by Craig Bryant, an independent music composer and producer with 23 years of industry experience. He and his partner Mangmang Miao (referred to as Miao) made the decision late last year to take the business to the next level by building a state-of-the-art digital music studio, as well as expanding its service scope to include a film studio with green screen for multi-media production.  These two studios together with the MC Showroom are intended to service the entire creative production process, from concept testing, development, to live showcases and promotional showreels.

Craig, Owner of Paxus Productions, commented: ”The four months that it took to create this space have been such an emotional and memorable journey. It took Miao and I countless discussions and sleepless nights to determine which paths to take to create real value for the artists’ community. Being an artist myself, the challenges I’ve gone through to build my own business fostered a genuine motivation to provide a decent and affordable facility that enables artists to realise their creative dreams.”

Miao, Director of The MC Showroom then added: “I’m so excited about all the great potential our facilities have to offer. We feel so privileged to be able to provide a combination of services that Melbourne has never seen before. We want to make the Showroom an accessible, affordable and appropriate platform for artists seeking exposure and recognition. Our hope is to enable our talented artists to generate some well deserved financial reward through their own creativity. Being of Chinese origin, I’m also keen to offer our service to the local Chinese communities and facilitate the flourishing of our own culture.”

About The MC Showroom

The MC Showroom is a cosy performance venue in the heart of Prahran and the popular Chapel Street precinct. With a smart layout and well-equipped facilities, it has numerous possible uses, be it creative workshops, drama classes, rehearsals, auditions, to name a few. The MC Showroom was co-created by Melbourne music producer Craig Bryant and multi-cultural communication expert, Mangmang Miao through their passion to offer both an accessible and high quality creative space for local talent. Their ultimate vision is to help launch successful creative productions with an affordable platform that encompasses the entire production process, in conjunction with the studios of Paxus Productions under the same roof.





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About Paxus Productions

Originating as a music and sound production studio, and headed by accomplished Australian composer and producer Craig Bryant, Paxus Productions has been known primarily for work in Film, TV and Musical Theatre. Craig has composed and produced many projects for major entertainment companies all around the world, including: Sesame Street, Warner Bros and Disney.