‘Reel-Time’ @ The Showroom

A live performance online broadcasting and filming service delivered in professional black-box theatre environment.

The COVID-19 crisis has paralysed the entire live entertainment scene like never before. With social-distancing and self-isolation enforcements in place, for the short term audiences are seeking new sources of entertainment. In the long run, we will see a permanent shift in the live entertainment landscape and uncover new consumer market.

Reel-Time@The Showroom is a bridge to reconnect artists with their audiences in the best light possible. Our aim is to provide a professional platform which allows artists to continue, capture and deliver their creativity. 

Ultimately, we would like to see it play a part in nurturing a broader consumer market by offering additional touch points to present and receive live entertainment.

Why Us & How? 

  • The MC Showroom has always been a popular choice for film-shoots because of its acoustics and aesthetic. It has now been upgraded to include live-streaming functionality;
  • The theatre now serves both as a performance space and a live-broadcasting studio with a live video streaming and mixing system and a high-speed NBN connection.
  • Our partner film company are live event specialists, and offer a professional crew with multiple cameras. This, along with our upgraded facility will ensure a profound representation of the live event experience;
  • There is also the added bonus of acquiring a full recording of the event which can be used for creating promotional collaterals of your production;
  • Producers and performers will have the autonomy to decide which social platform they would like the show to be broadcasted and how to monetise their events.

What are Included in the Service?

(The following is based on a single event live streaming, assuming standard duration up to 1.5 hours.)

  • 6 hours venue access including bump in, dry run, broadcast and bump out;
  • Access to all standard theatre features and inventory listed in this link: http://www.themcshowroom.com/showroom-features/;
  • Multiple video cameras;
  • Live streaming equipments; 
  • Live streaming crew of 4, including Director, Streaming Engineer, Sound Engineer and Camera Operator;
  • A total of 4 hours’ service from our live-streaming service team, including tech run and event broadcasting within the theatre studio;
  • Copy of the entire streamed show or raw footage of the performances;

What you need to provide?

  • Your standard cast and crew for a quality production;
  • An online destination for live-streaming and any creative assets needed for this broadcasting including but not limited to your logo, production feature image, any messages to be included during the broadcast, a phone number and/or a social media account for live interaction;
  • A social media correspondent to monitor and interact during broadcast;
  • A thumb drive of at least 20GB storage for transmitting final footage;
  • Licensing required to broadcast your content.

Contact us to receive a specific solution package to your production.

Please fill in the form below with a brief description and/or links to materials and footage of your production.