Secret Arts spaces in Melbourne – Time Out Melbourne

And exerpt from an article by Tim Byrne @ Time Out Melbourne – posted 2nd July, 2018

Fine art and performance aren’t always hiding in plain sight – sometimes you need to know where to look

It might seem that hiding your theatres and galleries in out-of-the-way places would be bad for business – given the size and dominance of the NGV, or the Princess and Regent theatres, it’s a sentiment previous architects and impresarios clearly agreed with. And of course Melbourne’s famous street art is about as visible as you can get.

But it turns out hiding your bushel can be very good for arts and showbusiness, not to mention cultural caché. Here are some of the harder to find theatres and galleries dotted inconspicuously around the city.

The MC Showroom

Chapel off Chapel might be the go to venue in Prahran for indie theatre, but there’s another cop on the beat now, and it’s getting some love from the smaller cabaret shows that can’t fit into the Butterfly Club. Created by Miao Mangmang and Craig Bryant, the MC Showroom has a focus on musical theatre, but with a cool black box space, and a location just off Chapel Street, it’s a venue on the rise.

Six Secret Arts Spaces In Melbourne