Suicide Row – The Politically Incorrect Humanly Perfect Play for Men

Consistently over the past 10 years, the number of suicide deaths was approximately 3 times higher in males than females. In 2016, 75.1% of people who died by suicide were male.

Leading Australian playwright Michael Griffith decided to bring the issue out of the silence. Incredibly this play is not bleak. It is entertaining, funny, powerful, real and while nurturing it also rams home, on a very personal level, how great our current loss is. And this is important for in order for it to work it has to survive on word of mouth. We don’t claim that the play has the answers, rather it poses more questions, and is a fresh nut cracker in the battle to open men up.

After every performance, an informal forum will be held where we’ll encourage our audience to stay and talk. Find more details about the show here: