The MC Hatchery

The MC Hatchery Sponsorship 2019 Winner

“Songs Of The Northern River” by Alex . J . Ridefelt

A new Australian song cycle with an enchanting collection of short stories that explore how people navigate through change. The MC Showroom and Paxus Productions provided professional music arrangements, sound production, mentoring and use of their facilities to help lift this stunning work off the ground.

Its premier season in November, 2019 was performed by an all-female cast with 4-star reviews across the board.

Melbourne’s nursery for new works

Since day one, our mission has been to launch new works and support smaller scale productions. We have witnessed many new creations take off from our little “nest”. Along the way, we have learnt a lot about the common roadblocks that can hinder the potential of productions.
So we would like to offer our peripheral facilities and expertise to help artists fill in the gaps. With an in-house music production suite, recording studio, a music guru and a marketing expert, we are proud to announce “The MC Hatchery“!

You may be eligible for a free hour of consultation to discuss both your music and marketing requirements. Contact us on the form below to find out more!


Services Include:

Rehearsal time and space

As a part of the “Hatchery” package, we offer theatre time during off-peak and dark periods. Run your final rehearsals or workshops in a theatre environment and properly acclimatise your cast and crew to the performance space before opening night.

Sound and Light plotting

If the budget is tight, and your production is in need, our experienced in-house technicians will plot out all the lighting and sound for your show.

Music Development & Production

Our in-house music production and recording suite is available to you too. Whether it be to develop your original music content, or enrich your existing material, Paxus Productions can offer 25 years of theatre music experience.

Recording services

Create professional cast recordings of your show, record broadcast-quality voiceovers for TV, Radio or Social Media or build all the sound-bed and sound effects tracks for your production. With a huge library of sounds, and an extensive network of voice artists and musicians, we can source any additional sound and talent you may need.

Film services

Multimedia has fast become the most popular form of promotion. Splash your social media networks with high-end video clips of your production. Film the rehearsals, the cast recording sessions, interviews, Pop-vox or even a simple call out to buy tickets to your show.

Marketing & Publicity

One of the most neglected parts of a production is the effective marketing and publicity of the event. As artists, we know that the focus is usually on the product itself. This is where we can help. With decades of marketing experience, we can provide valuable insight and guidance. The “Hatchery” package also includes promotion through our own channels across various social media platforms and websites, as well as indoor and outdoor advertisement networks.

Following a proper development process not only increases the quality of the production, it also inspires confidence in investors, and improves the acceptance rate of grant applications. Give your show the support it needs to take flight.

You may be eligible for a free hour of consultation to discuss both your music and marketing requirements.

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